Expressive Arts Carnival No 15 – Obstacle

I’m so happy the Expressive Arts Carnival is back! Thanks Paul 🙂 This month’s activity is:

Through drawing, painting, or any other visual means, create an image that represents a major obstacle facing you now. You can do this any way you wish. With your entry, please also include a couple of sentences saying what the process was like for you, which will accompany your art.

As soon as I read this activity, I knew what I’d do. Here is my entry:

I’ve been facing some challenges at work lately, and this photo I took over the Christmas break seems to capture those nicely, in a couple of different ways. First, there’s a sort of literal representation. I work in a building that’s around the same vintage as this one, so there’s a physical resemblance to my place of work. Second, there’s a more metaphorical representation in that the building seems dark and gloomy, with the spire towering over me – all of it with the stormy sky, almost a sign, foreboding. I’ve been feeling this way about work for a few weeks now. It’s really challenging me not to be afraid of work and what will happen there. Challenging every healed (and unhealed) fibre of my being to walk in there every day. So far I’m managing ok 🙂


3 thoughts on “Expressive Arts Carnival No 15 – Obstacle

  1. This is a stunning photo Kerro… and describes the situation you find yourself in so well. I’m sorry you’re having difficulties at work, but glad that you are able to find a way to make it work for you – even though it’s difficult.

    I hope there’s a solution found for the situation soon…

    Please take care,

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