Not me. My Mum. We saw the oncologist today and got the results of the biopsy on Mum’s lymph node. It’s cancer. A different type of cancer to the first type. Apparently just a “rare coincidence”. This one’s a very aggressive cancer that spreads quickly. It’s incurable and has a very poor prognosis. I’m shell shocked. I’m scared. I’m upset. I’m also angry she never got to have a life away from my father. 😦

18 thoughts on “Dying

  1. So sorry Kerro, I can’t resist saying don’t think about the years she lost right now, make every day she has left count, it will be a blessing to you both. Love the hell out of her and you will have no regrets. Sending strength your way.

  2. Dear Kerro, I’m so sorry about this. I’m glad she has you at this point and that he isn’t around now so she can focus hopefully on whatever she most wants to think, feel, express and do in her remaining time. Sending you both warm thoughts~

  3. Thanks for all your kind words and support everyone. I’m still shattered. Been crying myself to sleep every night. 😦

    Phoenix, your words really stuck in my head. Make each day count and love the hell out of her. I will. Thank you.

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