The link between emotions and adaptions

The struggle against my maladaptive side continues. And the maladaptive coping mechanisms continue to be my first port of call. Nothing serious, just there and seemingly more reachable than anything more helpful I may have learned in my time in therapy. These maladaptive coping mechanisms have been causing a lot of stress. The constant fight, the ugly thoughts… it’s distressing and upsetting and exhausting.

I saw the PNT for an additional session the other day, in a “crisis” you might say. It wasn’t really a crisis; just anxiety and panic about the maladaptive side, and some depression settling in around the edges.

I’m not even sure what we talked about, the PNT and me. It certainly wasn’t all these maladaptive coping mechanisms. We did talk about the anxiety, and about its sources, and then she got into a whole lot of family-related stuff that, at the time, didn’t make a lot of sense. Sometimes I think there’s more “madness” than “method” in her approach, though I seem to be learning stuff at the same time.

I realized afterwards what she was saying, though – that I probably come from a long line of people who don’t know how to deal with their emotions, so it’s hardly surprising that I don’t know how either.  Yep, she’s right there.  And that, as a child, I probably had to squish down all my emotions in order to survive. Yep, right again.

She didn’t say it, but I’m guessing it’s this business of not knowing how to deal with my emotions that brings the maladaptive side out. I probably knew that, but had forgotten. I’m seeing the PNT again this week, so will see what she has planned this time around. If nothing else my sessions with her make me curious about her process. 😉

3 thoughts on “The link between emotions and adaptions

  1. I’m sorry that you are struggling with your maladaptive coping mechanisms but so glad that you recognized that and had an extra session with PNT. It sounds like PNT is getting to know you and your history and in doing that you are rediscovering some things you knew about how you were taught to suppress and ignore your feelings. Sometimes I feel like I’m constantly re-learning things in therapy and when I don’t beat myself us about forgetting them it can be interesting and powerful.

    I think you have dealt with so many stressors in the last year that it isn’t surprising that you might have regressed some in how you deal with them. I am thinking about you and wishing you peace.


  2. Still doing my concerned face…

    Like Di, I’m glad that you took the pro-active step of asking for another session.. That’s really good, and a sign that you can see the maladaptive coping for what it is.


  3. Hi Di – I think PNT knows me better than I think she does, LOL. I guess that’s why I’m paying her the “big” bucks, right? 😉 I’m learning a lot, that’s for sure, though it is reminding me of how difficult therapy can be sometimes. Thanks for your positive thoughts and wishes. ((hugs))

    Hi Concerned Face, umm, I mean CG 😉 – I’m trying. Some would say ‘VERY trying’. LOL Seriously, thank you. ((hugs))

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