The house down the street

There’s a house like this just down the street from me. Until the other day I thought a normal, happy family lived there. Apparently not. Apparently the dad in this house* is an abusive shithead. His now-ex partner turned up on my doorstep last weekend, quite distressed, in the process of leaving and needed somewhere to store some things. I spoke to her today. She’s safe, thank heavens. She confirmed that this not-so-nice suburban husband and father is a selfish, egotistical, narcissistic a$$.

Unfortunately his daughters still have to visit him and be subjected to his revolting behaviour. I can’t tell you how incredibly ANGRY I was when I heard that. That f***ing son of a b**ch. How dare he treat those girls like that! How dare he pretend he’s this nice pillar-of-the-community type living a “normal” life! I was so MAD!!

I know this is probably more about my own father, but I wanted to yell at this poor excuse for a man and scream and pummel my fists into him. I didn’t. But I did report him to the relevant authorities. I just couldn’t stand the thought that his daughters will grow up with all the weirdness and craziness that I’ve grown up with. I couldn’t stand the thought that they’ll grow up thinking this has something to do with them, when it has NOTHING whatsoever to do with them, and EVERYTHING to do with that piece of sh*t father.

In a not-so-happy coincidence, it was White Ribbon Day here last week – our campaign to stop violence against women.

I’m proud I stood up today, but I’m also a little unnerved – it was a sad reminder that this nastiness is everywhere; that no where is truly safe, not even the nice little houses in my street. I hope and pray the authorities intervene so the girls can be safe.


* Not actually this house in the photo, one like it though.


7 thoughts on “The house down the street

  1. What a tough reminder that these things know no bounds. It can be anywhere, anyone. It can be blatently obvious or it can be carefully hidden. I am glad that your neighbor/friend is getting out and that shehas you for support. Iapplaud your courage to report what you know and take a stand for those girls.

  2. Thanks Lothlorien. I never really thought of this as courageous, but you’re right; it is. I couldn’t stand idly by and do nothing. I also couldn’t let this piece of sh** have any power over me, so in reporting him I’m not only doing something to protect his children, but also myself, in that I’m taking back the power.

  3. Your post was another sad reminder of my childhood. My father ( I hate to even call him my father) was a monster, but most people that lived on our street thought he was the nicest guy in the world. Little did they know that behind closed doors he beat and terrorized his wife and children. I am happy to read that the Mother in your post had the courage to leave her abuser and that because of you, her daughter was out of danger. My Mother did not find that kind of courage until all of us kids were grown and out on our own, I often wonder how my life would have been different if she would v’e left him when I was still a child.

  4. I’m glad she got out. I hope she can find a way to keep herself, and her children safe.

    Abuse happens irrespective of socio-economic boundaries.

    I’m glad you feel better, and stronger for standing up.

    Take care,

  5. Hi Between Yesterday and Today – thanks for dropping by.  I’m really sorry this reminded you of your childhood. It did me too. My mother never found the courage to leave, though some days I can justify that because I know there weren’t the supports and services available then that are there now. I know both our lives would have been different if our mothers had left, though not necessarily better.

    Hi Castorgirl – Thanks CG, me too. It certainly felt very empowering to stand up. Almost as if I’d taken back all the power that man seemed to have over me. I’ve not done that a lot, so it felt amazing. 🙂

  6. So proud of you for taking back that bit of power and reporting him. Glad she got away too, hope the kids can be kept safe.
    Gentle thoughts,

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