Expressive Arts Carnival No 14 – Hopes and Dreams

This month’s Expressive Arts Carnival theme is:

Through drawing, painting, or any other visual means, create an image that incorporates your personal hopes and dreams.

I have blogged on this theme too many times to count! It felt too tedious to recreate any of these posts or images here, so – always the rule breaker in this Carnival – I did something slightly different. Here is my entry:

This is a photo I took on one of my travels. Travel continues to be one of my hopes and dreams, but that isn’t the point.

For me, the point of this photo is to remember that attaining my hopes and dreams as a pathway, a journey. It’s not always easy; in fact sometimes it’s downright difficult – but if I keep working at it, even one step at a time, then one day I’ll (probably) get there.

I say ‘probably’ because there are no guarantees – other life events get in the way, we change our hopes and dreams as time goes on, and sometimes, we find the journey too hard at the moment, and we turn back.

I also say ‘one step at a time’. This is an important part for me to remember because I’ve tended to be an A to Z person. As my therapist once said, I thought I could go in, spew out all the heinous sh** from the past, and suddenly feel better. Well, of course that didn’t happen! It’s the same with my hopes and dreams. I need to remember that half the point is the journey itself, and enjoying that along the way, or if I can’t enjoy it, then at least to remember that it’s a journey!

On a slightly different note – it’s funny how these Carnival entries sometimes don’t turn out the way you initially expect them to. Like this one, for example. When I started on this, it felt tedious and ‘boring’ because I’ve blogged on this topic many times before. But when I finally stumbled upon the approach I’ve ended up taking, it really sat comfortably inside. I know when I pay attention to that particular feeling I’m on the right track … or path. 😉


4 thoughts on “Expressive Arts Carnival No 14 – Hopes and Dreams

  1. @ Castorgirl – thank you. 🙂 Realism? Who? Me? LOL. I guess realism is good, unless it becomes an excuse, if that makes sense.

    @ Sana – thanks for dropping by. Step by step, I will keep on going. 🙂

  2. I love this picture, and I love the meaning you feel behind it. Good stuff.

    Step by step is hard for me, too. I’m working on learning how to love the journey and appreciate the path.

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