Expressive Arts Carnival No 12 – In the Moment

The activity for this month’s Expressive Arts Carnival is:

Through drawing, painting, or any other visual means, create an image about how you are feeling in the moment. Try not to think about this. The purpose is to create an image by paying attention to your feelings. Also, please try not to judge your feelings. Whatever your feelings are when you decide to make the image is where you are. And whatever comes out will be okay. If you get stuck, try just picking up a color and exploring. With your entry, please also include a couple of sentences saying what the process was like for you which will accompany your art.

In my last post I used this photo to represent how I was feeling. That blurring, whizzing, frantic pace of thoughts was in the moment.

It was funny, actually, doing this activity – I thought about it a lot over the month, and how I’d represent how I was feeling at different moments. If I was to choose another image to represent how I’m feeling today, I’d go with this one:

The reason I chose a different image today is that, while the blurring and whizzing and frantic pace is still there, I’m now seeing it slightly differently. I’m starting to be able to see through it to the world around me. Plus I’ve booked a short holiday for myself in between jobs, which I’m hoping will be calming and restorative, much like the garden is to me here. I never was much good at spinning, blurring, whizzing. As a child even the swings made me motion sick!! I’m glad I’m starting to see through it, even if it’s not all dealt with, at least I can start to see beyond it.

I can’t take credit for these images, though I do take credit for connecting them to my feelings. Sometimes that’s a giant leap forward for survivors.


4 thoughts on “Expressive Arts Carnival No 12 – In the Moment

  1. I’m glad you’re able to see some calm and gain a sense of peace Kerro…
    Enjoy your holiday – be careful of surfing and wide open spaces though 🙂
    Take care,

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