Photos and pheelings … feelings and fotos

I finally escaped the house with my camera for a few hours this weekend. I had forgotten how good that felt, even if it was cold – winter is settling in – and a bit miserable, though that fitted my mood perfectly. Here are a couple of shots I took. They also seem to fit how I’m feeling.


I recently discovered the talents of an Aboriginal singer who is blind. He’s amazing. Here’s one of my favourite songs and you can learn more about him here.

4 thoughts on “Photos and pheelings … feelings and fotos

  1. @ Sanity – yep, we have Autumn (Fall) here too! 😉 I think most of the trees that lose their leaves originated in the Northern Hemisphere, certainly the ones in these shots did. We do have some native trees that are deciduous, though.

    @ Kate – my pleasure! 🙂

    @ Castor – Funny how nature can affect our moods, although in this case I think it’s just that nature is reflecting mine. Thanks for the positive thoughts. I’ll try to catch them as they make their way across the Tasman!

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