Passwords and pictures

It seems like an eternity since I posted. I’ve wanted to. There’s a lot happening, but I haven’t been sure about posting. To be honest I’ve been worried about being judged. I contemplated shutting this blog down and starting another, but somehow that didn’t seem authentic. To me, I mean.

Instead I’ve decided to stick with Kerro’s Korner – it is, afterall, about my journey from surviving to thriving. I’m going to start passwording some of my posts – you can email me if you want the password, but to be honest, I reserve the right not to share. Don’t take it personally.

While I’m here I’ll leave you with two of my favourite photos from my recent holiday. Enjoy 🙂


10 thoughts on “Passwords and pictures

  1. Hi there. What lovely pictures! I hope you had a good time.

    I’d love to be able to read your protected posts, but echo castorgirl, do what feels right.

    love to you,

  2. I’m sorry that you feel this is necessary, but it seems like we all eventually come to the conclusion that some stuff just isn’t safe for the whole internet to see. I’m sorry though because it sucks and it shouldn’t have to be like that.

    Much love you to you Kerro.

  3. Nice photos. I’m looking forward to the beach myself in a week 🙂

    You know my email if you go the password protected route. Personally, I’ve gone the route of not posting. 🙂 Right now I’m too caught up in it all.

    Take care.

  4. Password protecting is a good balance, especially since some of us find your blog very helpful and positive and still like to see you around. 🙂 Glad you’re taking care of yourself.


  5. I completely understand about the password protection thing. I think its a great idea if it helps you to feel safer and express yourself more.
    I would like the password if you want me to have it, but completely understand if you choose not to send it (my email is

    I love both your photos – they are so bold and beautiful. I particularly love the second one – the black and white one with the man and boy walking hand in hand. Its a very powerful image – thank you for sharing.

  6. i’d love to read more. however, i understand password protecting your deepest inner most feelings. if you feel comfortable i’d love to witness your growth.


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