Expressive Arts Activity No. 5: Wall

This month’s activity for the Expressive Arts Carnival is to:

Draw a wall using any medium, and show what is on one or both sides. Please also write a couple of sentences saying what the process was like for you.

This was another interesting activity for me, because I knew as soon as I read the instructions what I’d do. This is something I’ve been feeling for a while, and this gave me the opportunity to represent it visually.

Like many of us, I put up some pretty big walls a long time ago to protect myself. They worked. They kept me safe.

But, those walls also stopped me from doing things. I’ve protected myself, but I’ve also kept good things away – things I really want. I can see that now, which is why I’ve shown my image as a window. The bricks in my wall have largely come down, but I’m still looking out on life, or some aspects of life, that are still out of reach, even if the “decor” on my side of the window is nicer now.

I’m not sure how to take the window down, but I hope I’ll keep trying.


7 thoughts on “Expressive Arts Activity No. 5: Wall

  1. Kerro –
    Beautiful – I also like the idea of a window. How did you construct this? Did you draw it or is it a collage? I think it is lovely.


  2. hi kerro~ fascinating and beautiful! i can relate to what your wall means to you, as you may understand since you read about mine earlier.

    i love the idea of a window~ it’s see through, so you are aware of what’s being blocked out, and yet it seems more flexible than a wall. it’s there for you if you need to close it, but you can choose to have it open if you want. and it looks like a breeze is blowing in, so even if you want to go outside but aren’t ready, part of the outside beauty is brought in.

    i also noticed you have pillows on the inside, so it looks like you are able to self-comfort, and on one of the pillows i see a bird out of it’s cage – love it! so much going on here~ and so inspiring~

    safe hugs~~~

  3. @ Paul – thanks! And double thanks coz you made me smile! 🙂

    @ Katie – thanks to you, too. I knew someone would pick up on the pillows inside, which are really just hiding something ugly in the original picture, but yes, they also go to the efforts I’ve made at self-care and building a happy space for myself on the inside.

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