Updates, bravery and naughtiness

I’m home. My trip was amazing, but I’m glad to be home. I’ll admit that I didn’t want to come home; didn’t want to come back to my life, but now that I’m here, I’m glad. It’s nice to be around trees and gardens again and nice to have rain, having spent time in rainless countries. It’s especially nice to be able to eat and drink without thinking too much about hygiene or nasty diseases. 😉

The other reason I’m glad to be home is that I’m not around my mother any more. I’ve spent three weeks with her and it’s just about done me in. Enough to bring back the darkness and thoughts of doing myself in. (To all you Captain Obviouses out there, yes that was probably predictable and thanks, I’ll know that in future.)

A contributing factor to the darkness is that I reduced my meds a few weeks ago, just before I went away. Yea, I know, not smart. I know that now. I was feeling good and taking two pills a day was annoying me so I thought I’d reduce the dose. Silly me. Actually “naughty” me, as the Wonder Therapist said, with a smirk on her face – “you naughty, naughty girl.” (She’s a member of the Captain Obvious club, too.)

I could spend this post on tales of woe about my mother’s behaviour, or how ordinary I feel, but I won’t. I’m feeling down enough as it is. Instead I thought I’d share a few marks of progress I experienced while away. I even surprised myself!

  • Almost no pre-flight anxiety on the day of my departure, not even at the airport or on the plane. Once on board, a couple of drinks and some magic pills and I slept nearly the whole way
  • I rode a camel AND on the spur of the moment, without “preparation” (whatever that might have entailed)
  • I rode a donkey, also on the spur of the moment, and even if I was scared to death the whole time it was prancing up the side of a cliff knocking pedestrians out of its way, I still did it
  • I talked to strangers (tourists and locals) interestedly and comfortably, without being embarrassed
  • I went out looking for supermarkets in strange towns – WITHOUT A MAP! and without consulting the hotel concierge about where to go or what I might find
  • I took taxis in countries where I don’t speak (or read) the language, without having a panic attack about where I might end up or what might happen
  • I realised that my body is just my body, it’s not disgusting as I once thought, it’s just as “normal” as everyone else’s. Ok, I still don’t like it, but I don’t feel as disgusting about it as I once did
  • I ate foreign food, without getting paranoid about what it might do to me
  • I generally got through the days rolling with whatever happened, not worrying about what might happen next or getting paranoid that something bad would happen.
  • And even when I was anxious, I was generally able to talk myself through it, without descending into a total panic-merchant

Even though my fortitude didn’t last the whole trip, I did well with these things. So a double smiley face to me 🙂 🙂


13 thoughts on “Updates, bravery and naughtiness

  1. Welcome back, I’ve missed you! What wonderful things you did – great accomplishments. Even while being naughty – which makes it even more impressive.

  2. Kerro -Sounds like a lovely vacation (for the most part). You rode a camel? How cool.

    Where did you go? Or do you want to say?

    Welcome back!


  3. How would you prepare to ride a camel? Like do you walk up and introduce yourself? Ask about it’s shots? Check for fleas and ticks? Oh wow, ok now I’m getting anxious just thinking about it and I don’t think we even have camels in zoos in New Zealand….

    I’m convinced; you did AWESOME!!! It sounds like you rolled with the whole experience and let it happen… kudos my friend…

    Meh, to your mother… well you know my reaction, but I’ll be kind here in an attempt to sound a little less like a homicidal maniac 🙂

    Yours sincerely,
    Captain Obvious Brigade member – it’s a coveted role you know.

  4. @ OLJ – Thanks. I do feel a bit weird saying where I went, even though I have no need to. I went to Jordan, Egypt and Dubai. I’ll post a post about the trip.

    @ CG – you aren’t a member of the Captain Obvious Brigade – you’re the President!!! 😛 But I love you for it. 😀

  5. Did you … go on vacation *with* your mother? If so, I just can’t even think about how awful that must have been emotionally, the camels notwithstanding.

    Please do post pix — sounds like an amazing trip!

  6. Hi David, I guess technically my mother came with me. She asked me, I didn’t have the heart to say no, I thought I’d be stronger. Sigh.

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