Feeling funky

Following on yesterday’s triggery mess, I’ve been feeling down today. Self-loathing on high. Tears somewhere under the surface but unable to spring forth properly (except when I’m reading other people’s blogs).

I hate it when I’m like this. I have a session with the Wonder Therapist later today so I’m hoping she can work some of her magic.


5 thoughts on “Feeling funky

  1. I hate self loathing – it’s the worst feeling. When I’m like that my tears turn into hysteria rather than proper crying. I hope the Wonder T helped and that you can find something soothing to do tonight. Take care.

  2. {{kerro}}

    This will pass you know – I hope Wonder T lives up to her name :))

    You have been doing a lot of hard work lately – adding group therapy to your regular sessions.


  3. (((Kerro)))

    I hope talking with WT helped, also. Sometimes, for me, a lot of helpful stuff can come out when I’m feeling the difficult feelings while talking to my T. It’s harder if I have a really rough time and then try to talk about it a week later, because it didn’t coincide with my appointment date.

    Also, what OLJ said, about doing a lot of hard work lately. That’s bound to stir up some feelings that are hard to deal with, but it’s proof that you are doing good work, if that’s any consolation.

  4. OK. I’ll use this opportunity to get on my soap box. Self-loathing, I think, is tied to shame. So, whenever I find myself in this space you are in, I try to use it as an opportunity to do some healing work around shame. Wonder Therapist will help you. But remember, it’s you who works the magic. The Wonder Therapist can be a guide. But you do all the work. It’s the only way it will stick. I hope you feel better in your next post!

  5. Thanks everyone, I appreciate your support.

    @ Paul – funny you say it’s me who does the work. I was reading something recently that described the therapist as a bit like a swimming coach – she (or he) will stand by the edge, even catch you if you start to drown, but you have to do the swimming. Can’t someone else swim for me for a little while?

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