I don’t like Mondays

One of my favourite practitioner blogs is Trench Warfare. It’s kinda snarky, but I love it. Reas recently posted about pointless, boring, time-sucking meetings. Work meetings, you understand, not the AA kind, or any other kind.

My Mondays are filled with pointless, boring, time-sucking meetings. As if Monday mornings aren’t bad enough on their own, I have two to two-and-a-half hours of comatosing drivel to sit through. It drives me crazy.

The first meeting – at 9am, I might add – is for the “managers”. They are doofuses. Trust me when I say this – most have been in the organisation for something approaching 100 years. They’re negative, cynical, objectionable men. They wear brown cardigans in the winter and shorts with long socks in the summer. They talk about the minutiae of the business in ways that I’m sure don’t interest ANYONE and they keep referring to things that happened back in 1987. Like anyone cares????? I’m not into detail so it just drives me nuts. It makes me want to stick a pen in my eye.

The other meeting is for the senior managers. You’d think this would be more interesting, but today was just beyond a joke. To begin with I’d only just scraped myself out of my coma from the previous meeting. Then we started half an hour late, which just annoyed the sh** out of me. Then the others didn’t have their papers and kept talking about all sorts of irrelevant garbage. AND they wanted to talk detail again. Give me strength! It made me want to stab myself with the whiteboard marker.

I came out of the meetings grumpier than I went in – which wasn’t hard today, but really, it just sets the whole day up for cr@p.

I heard on my favourite TV show (which I’m watching again, for about the tenth time :)) that the song “I don’t like Mondays” is actually about a girl who goes and shoots all her classmates. Pretty sad, really. I don’t like Mondays either but I’m only going to commit grievous harm with the pens.

And a special thanks to my friend who helped me find a workable version of this song to put here. You’re ace, CG! 🙂


5 thoughts on “I don’t like Mondays

  1. LOL

    Pen in the eye. That line alone, completely summed up your experience (in my opinion). I’m assuming your work day is well over now – hope you found a way to make it a good day in the end. A nice dinner…a nice walk…etc.

  2. Thanks Sanity. It struck me when I read your comment that I rarely do anything nice for myself after work. Just breath a sigh of relief that it’s over. I should think about changing that.

  3. Ah yes – meetings. My least fave – I work in a dysfunctional group where we discuss things ad nauseum (well one person talks the loudest and the longest) and never make any decisions.

    Or the institutional meetings where I zone out to avoid the drone – so far I haven’t been asked something while not paying attention.

    I like conference calls the best – no one knows what you’re doing on your end of the call. 🙂

    When I’m czar – we won’t have meetings (at least not so many).


  4. Always liked that song – but the version I am familiar with is by the Boomtown Rats.

    She was always good as gold, there was no reason……

  5. @ OLJ – I don’t mind meetings if they are interesting, or there is some point to them. It’s the boring as bat sh** kind I can’t stand. Funny, I don’t like conference calls much because I can’t read the body language of the other people.

    @ Harriet – glad you like the song, too. 🙂

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