Funny tales

It occurred to me this morning that some people have interesting things happen in their lives that make for interesting tales in the blogosphere. Not me. And some people have a way with words that is totally captivating. Not me either.

These thoughts jumped into my head as I was wandering around the supermarket earlier today.

Then I saw the soap powder I’d bought on one of my three trips to the supermarket in the last three days (don’t ask). It was on special and I only like to buy it when it’s on special coz you get to save like $7 or $10 when it is. These types of specials are the ones worth waiting for.

Anyway, as I passed the soap powder I thought, “That’s the soap powder I bought the other day. I’ve got some of that.”

And then I wondered what would happen if I went up to some random stranger in the supermarket and said, “See that soap powder over there? I’ve got some of that.”

What do you think they’d do? Apart from stare at me like I was a complete lunatic, and then slink away hoping I wouldn’t talk to them anymore – like the people on trains who stare intently at their books, even when they’re not reading, in the hope that the slightly crazy person won’t speak to them. Do you think they’d call the store manager and have me committed?


7 thoughts on “Funny tales

  1. LOL I love your randomness!!

    Do you know what my mom and I sometimes do? We pretend to be separate shoppers. I’ll bring the cart right up to her side and start saying “Excuse me….EXCUSE ME MAM. GET OUT OF MY WAY!!”. Mom usually replies with “Get out of MY way!” before we burst into giggles.

    One time this lady came up right next to me, I think expecting a fight, and got right up in my face about it. Mom and I just kept laughing and the lady kept staring.

    Sooo…I don’t think you’d get committed, just a few peculiar stares.

  2. I think you should try it. If you came up to me and said that I would probably say, “Really? Is it good soap powder? Should I get some?”

    Could be fun.

  3. @ Sanity — that’s too funny … I used to have a girlfriend whom I’d pretend I didn’t know when we met at bars or restaurants, so the staff would think we’d just met and were suddenly in the middle of a torrid affair. We got a lot of free entertainment out of that.

    @ Kerro — You never know; something interesting might happen. I once found a really good acupuncturist referred to me by a woman who started talking to me for no apparent reason in the produce department. If someone made that announcement to me about washing powder, I’d probably ask if it was any good, and if that person bought it because it was effective, or just out of lifetime habit.

  4. Hmmm…sounds like a good code to me.

    “That washing powder? I’ve got some of that”
    – “Good, is it?”
    “It’s all bubbles”
    – “The kind that float?”
    “The kind that stick”
    – “Stick, you say?”
    “stick and slip.”
    – “Ahh…stick and slip and slide away”

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