I’m thinking of giving up on Nablo this year, but will keep going for a few more days.

Today’s writing prompt is: “What’s your greatest fear?”

Easy. Growing old and crusty alone – known by the neighbours as the crazy cat lady. Dying and being nibbled at by the cats for three weeks before any human discovered I was dead. That’s my greatest fear.


5 thoughts on “Fears

  1. Kerro, this reminds me of Bridget Jones’ Diary where she comments about being found weeks after her death, half-eating by wild dogs or something. That was amusing in the movie but not in real life 😦

    I understand your fear about being alone. I don’t have any advice to inspiring words for you in relation to it, other than to say that you’re still out there making relationships. Even if you don’t live with someone, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are alone.

    Hmm, not a really uplifting comment.

  2. Thanks, OLJ and ((hugs)) back to you.

    Thanks Sanity… I forgot to mention that in this fear I am, of course, morbidly obese, shuffling around in my slippers and kinda stinky. ((hugs))

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