The truth hurts


8 thoughts on “The truth hurts

  1. {{kerro}}

    Pims – I’m reading a book set in England and they talk about having a pims – but it sounds like a drink. The photo above looks like a dessert?

  2. Thanks OLJ. I think Pims can be both a drink and a biscuit. The drink is Pimms (a preferred drink at Wimbledon and Henley, says that online encyclopedia) and the biscuit is just like a jaffa cake but with raspberry jelly. I think other flavours are technically available, but not where I live.

  3. Eating… you can’t avoid it, and yet it can be soooo dysfunctional.
    Sending lots of (((wamr safe hugs))) if they are wanted.
    Take care,

  4. I don’t mean to be contrarian. But these are right up my ally. Luckily I don’t indulge in this stuff too often. But I must admit, once a week on the trip home from therapy I get a bag of Jelly Belly Sours.

  5. @ Lost Shadow Child – yes, the eating thing is terrible. I’m sorry you struggle with this, too.

    @ CG – thanks. ((hugs)) to you too.

    @ Sanity – food is necessary, but it’s such a double edged sword.

    @ Cat – thanks hun. ((hugs)) to you too.

    @ Paul – LOL Come back to me when you’re eating a bag of Jelly Belly Sours (whatever they are) every day. Or four times a day. Or whatever.

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