Tired but inspired

I’m so tired today. Tired from processing all this stuff about Nice Guy (we spent hours on the phone last night, another night past midnight, I’m too old for this!). Tired from my session with the Wonder Therapist. Tired from… I don’t really know what. I’m just tired.

So forgive me, friends, if I cheat a little and just leave you with a photographic piece by an Australian photographer I heard speak at an expo last weekend. His work is amazing, and another piece has been selected for various film festivals all over the world. I found it inspiring.


4 thoughts on “Tired but inspired

  1. hi kerro~ i hope it was a good conversation with nice guy. and good for you for giving yourself a break. it is exhausting! dealing with all the emotions of getting close to someone. i understand that. as for this video, it’s beautiful. i love that song, by imogen heap, right? thanks for sharing it 🙂 hope you have a nice restful rest of your week~~

  2. No cheat, Kerro. I really enjoyed those photographs. I thought “Yes, that’s what I feel like when I am by the ocean and no one else is around. Tiny, a bit insignificant, but part of it all”. I agree it’s wonderful work.

    Sounds like things are going well with Nice Guy. I’m wishing you well on that front.

  3. @ Katie – yes! the music is Imogen Heap. Beautiful, eh?

    @ Cat – I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. They also make me think of the beach, and the peace I feel there. It also inspired me to do more photography… I get that same feeling when I’m out shooting. 🙂

  4. Hi Kerro,
    Here’s what I’m thinking:

    1) you met this guy online rather than through friends.
    2) things are going pretty fast
    3) you’ve had some trouble sorting out what to do about intrusive guys in the past

    So I hope you’ll forgive me for giving a little sisterly advice here…

    Can I suggest, if you haven’t already, that you do your due dilligence on this guy, to be sure he’s worthy of you. I respectfully suggest checking:

    Do you know anyone who knows him who can tell you how his relationships generally go? Is he friends with any of his ex girlfriends that you can meet? (eg: a man whose exes are all ‘bitches’ according to him or whose exes don’t speak to him is a red flag) Men that go really fast can sometimes get possessive when women take a bit of space, this is also a warning sign. Do you know where he works, where he lives? Where his family lives?

    I’m happy you’ve met something nice, I’m just being a bit protective. I hope that’s okay.


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