A million dollars

I’m taking a break from my posts on dating today. The daily writing prompts from the Nablo folks seem to be back (and in sync with my time zone). Today’s is: You’ve just been given a million dollars. You are not allowed to keep it or give it to anyone you know personally. What do you do with it and why?

I’m not sure how this relates to the theme of “now” but it’s an easy topic for me, because I’ve often thought about it. Firstly I’d curse because I am not allowed to make a difference to my life, or the lives of those I love. 😉

Then I pick some charities to give money to – perhaps 18 charities at $50,000 each. I would either just give the money to charities of my choice (or my friends’ choices), or I’d approach the charities and see what projects they had running and which ones appealed to me. They’d likely be projects that tugged at my heart strings, or seemed to make a valuable difference to the lives of people in troubled times.

If my (not very good) maths serves, that takes care of $900,000. So what about the other $100,000?

Well, maybe I take that to the top of a tall building and just throw it off, then watch the people below scurry about after the money.

Or perhaps I’d take it to one of the relief agencies and wait for people in need to show up and just give them $100 each for food, clothing, whatever they need (yea, realistically it probably gets spent on alcohol and drugs, but hey, tis not my place to judge).

So there you go, a million bucks spent on people I don’t know. Hopefully making a difference to the lives of people who need it most.


4 thoughts on “A million dollars

  1. You never know the difference a $100 gift could make to a family in need. Yes, it may get spent on drugs, etc; or it might bring some relief/hope to a family down on their luck… You just never know.

    Btw, I’ve heard of this new “castorgirl charity” that has really low overheads and is a worthy cause… just saying 🙂

  2. LMAO @ the “castorgirl charity” 😉 That could certainly be on the list.

    I know that $100 can make a huge difference. My new volunteering role has shown me that already. Even $20 can make a difference. It seems so wrong to me that some in the world have nothing, while others have everything.

  3. I think I’d hang around at grocery stores and pharmacies, and buy food and medicines for senior citizens. But first I would donate half of the money to our local agency that works to find therapists and forever homes for abused and abandoned children.

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