Stars – 6 June 2010

No writing prompt from Nablo today, but I suspect that’s because I’m in a different time zone.

In what I hope is not jinxing myself, my stars for today said:

“A new love interest appears like someone from another world. Your relationship plays against all expectations and you won’t be pinned down or pigeonholed. Jupiter, planet of broad horizons, sees an exotic romantic influence, and someone acts as a guide and guru. You are in talkative, impressive form and the weekend promises clever repartee.”

LOL. I’m not really sure what most of it means, but the guy I met yesterday certainly seems like he’s from another world. He seems nice. He seems sensitive (without being all girly blousey). And he seems respectful. Wtf? Yea, that’s what I thought.

In what seems bizarre to me, I didn’t run off and sleep with him. Actually the time we spent together was lovely. It was quite odd because I was completely absorbed in our conversation, and didn’t notice the time passing (normally I count the minutes until I can escape, worse if it’s boring me). But I still didn’t sleep with him.

In a further bizarre twist, another guy contacted me last weekend. Within two seconds of saying hello (in an online chat) he started in with all this s*xual stuff. Ick. No thanks. Oddly, for me, I didn’t invite him straight over to do whatever he wants to me.

Could this be some self respect creeping in?

Or is it just the words of Back Up Therapist ringing loud in my ears: “Sure, kiss him, but only when you want to.”

This might sound weird, but that has never occurred to me before. It never occurred to me that I had a choice. I was just meant to do what I was meant to do.

I’m seeing Nice Guy again tomorrow night and I’m hopeful I won’t turn into the evil huntress then either.


6 thoughts on “Stars – 6 June 2010

  1. Glad that it worked out for a second date! Will be waiting to hear the juicy details:) And definitely cheers for sticking to your guns and doing what YOU wanted and not following what someone else may have wanted you to do.

  2. You *always* have a choice. Even when you’ve been with someone for years and you love that person, you still have a choice. It’s wonderful to see you exercising your right to say no, and your right to determine your own timing.

  3. Good for you! Choosing the right guy and liking your choices. I hope he turns out to be a wonderful person in your life.

  4. Sounds really good! 🙂 I’m glad you found someone who seems nice and yes, that’s self respect. Today you have a choice and it’s wonderful that you are able to see this. Hope your second date runs well 🙂

  5. @ Sanity – Thanks. The dating thing is totally weird for me.

    @ David – Rationally I know you’re right, I always have a choice. It just runs contrary to almost everything I’ve ever experienced. I remember your words, though – “looks right, feels wrong”.

    @ Ivory – I hope he turns out to be wonderful too, but I dare not hope in case I jinx it.

    @ CG – I love Aretha. Great words, by a great artist, from a great friend. Thank you.

    @ Lost Shadow Child – Thanks. ((hugs))

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