I’ve been thinking about yesterday’s Group session a lot today. About me falling apart; about the collages; about all the different ways I’ve coped over the years.

I wasn’t happy with the collage I made in Group – mostly because I was trying to limit myself to something safe to talk about, but also because I ran out of time, and my collage therefore wasn’t “perfect” (whatever that means).

So I made a new one in Polyvore. I’m happier with this one (although it may still not be perfect). It more accurately represents the different things I’ve used to cope over the years – good and bad. It represents the darkness, as well as the light. It represents the greater ‘balance’ I now have. And it honours all of these things.  

That’s all for today folks. Enjoy the collage. I have been enjoying creating different things, in different ways lately. It’s fun, and healing, all at the same time. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Coping

  1. This collage is wonderful. I’m glad that you can find the coping things and can put them in print for others. It takes a strong person… Good on you.

  2. Of all the striking things about this collage, what really caught my eye is how the cakes look like stepping stones, going up. Perhaps it wasn’t deliberate, but it struck me as a way of honoring the fact that although that may have been a coping mechanism, it got you to another level.

  3. @ Ivory – thanks. It wasn’t easy to do this, well, not easy to acknowledge the more destructive coping mechanisms anyway.

    @ David – The cakes as stepping stones was completely unintentional. Not consciously anyway. I was merely trying to make the mass of food look slightly less gluttonous! I am sure I could have found the more positive coping mechanisms sooner had I entered therapy about 20 years ago!!

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