If I should die before I wake…

Something odd occurred to me last night, in the wee smalls. If I should die one night (by my own hand or by some other means) then it could be two weeks before anyone realises I’m dead, or before anyone finds me.

Oddly I’m not actually disturbed by the dying… but by the thought of my cleaners finding me two weeks later.

Why two weeks, you ask?

Well, I live alone, so there’s no one at home to find my body.

My boss would probably wonder where I was, might even leave me a phone message, but that would be it.

Likewise my friends, they might wonder, send a text or two, may be even leave a message on the house phone, but in the end they’d just assume I’m busy.

The Back Up Therapist would probably just assume I’d decided not to show up. She doesn’t know me that well so she probably doesn’t know that would be entirely out of character for me.

The Wonder Therapist is due back this week… she might wonder where I was, but as it will be the first session back after an extended break, she’d probably just assume I mucked up the time.

My mother would continue to call me at our twice-weekly time. She might get a little sh*tty and text me to find out where I was. But she’s been trying quite hard to respect my boundaries and my privacy more than she ever has, so she probably wouldn’t do anything.

Were it the middle of summer the neighbours might be disturbed by the stench, but as we’re heading into winter that wouldn’t happen. Although the cat might get hungry and start to raise the roof with her howling.

So, there we are. Dead for two weeks before anyone finds me, and then it’s the damned cleaners.

That’s a pretty yuk thought.


7 thoughts on “If I should die before I wake…

  1. … I don’t think you’re giving your boss or your friends enough credit. 🙂

  2. This delay in finding my body is the reason I plan to die on the bathroom – preferably in the shower, so that clean up and smell issues are minimised (don’t want to lose the rental bond). My cat will be fed by the neighbours, my therapist will assume that I quit therapy and I have no friends… so I’m thinking it would be at last two weeks til I’m even looked for. The trigger for me being found will be work wanting to fire me for not turning up to work.

    In your case, you have enough real life friends inside and outside of work that the will question after a day or two. Also a lack of Facebook activity would mean I’d be worried and hunting you down. I’m a librarian, and pretty dam determined to find someone if I want to.

  3. I’ve done that – imagined if I were do die, who would find me, etc. It would be weeks and weeks before someone actually came by. No one has a key except my daughter and it would be at least 2-4 weeks before she would actually come to my house to check up on me. sad, isn’t it. We need to attach more to the world, I think.

  4. I’m with David – I am 100% certain you aren’t giving your boss or your friends enough credit. I think they’d wait 2 maybe 3 days max before involving the police if they couldn’t raise you.

  5. I would worry about you if you didn’t post on your blog for a few days. We would all look for you, definitely before 14 days have gone by.

    I live with my husband and 2 kids, so my body would be found quickly. That’s why if I ever planned my death I would drive far away and do it. I wouldn’t want them to find me dead.

  6. Thanks everyone. It’s not that I have any specific plans at this point in time, just that I find the two week thing a bit troubling. Not sure what to make of it, but I hope you’re right in that my absence would be noticed by someone who matters before then.

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