My holiday

As promised, I’ve uploaded photos of my little holiday in paradise to my flickr site.

Here are a couple of my favourites, though it’s hard to pick favourites at all – I love everything these photos represent for me.




And this one. It says something to me about how special childhood friends are, and times when kids have (or should have) not a care in the world.


8 thoughts on “My holiday

  1. Ok… so yeah… ummm… like TOTALLY not jealous… 🙂

    Stunning photos of a stunning place! I can see why it’s so special to you.

  2. Ohhh the water Kerro. The stunning colour. It is one of my most favourite things about the ocean…the lovely colour. It looks like you must have had a great time =)

    100% jealous!

  3. LOL you two, I’m sorry you’re jealous. It really is the most wonderful place, I’m glad the photos capture some of that!

  4. Gorgeous photos! Like Sanity, I love the colour of the water in that second photo. Amazing place, eh?

  5. Thanks Cat, and My Blue Funk. I’m glad you like the photos. Cat, yea, the place really is amazing. I so, so love it. It’s my spiritual home.

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