Into the light

I love this place. I could easily live here. The local indigenous people believe this is a place of healing. I can see why. The beaches are spectacular, and surrounded by beautiful rainforests and rolling green hills in the hinterland. There’s something special about this place – the beaches are spectacular: the crystal clear waters, the surf, the white sand that squeaks under your feet. The local arts and crafts, and the relaxed, easy going nature of the locals. It’s hard to explain, but it’s something you feel deep down in your soul.

Chances of me actually moving here are pretty slim, but I can see myself hiring a house for a month or so for an extended break. It’d be a beautiful beach house – like the one in the Hamptons in that movie with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson. Friends would come, may be even my mother. They’d sleep in. I’d brew tea and cook hot breakfasts that smell like the bacon and eggs that drifted across to me this morning on my way back from the beach. We’d go for long walks and spend the late afternoons relaxing on the balcony, watching the sun go down over the surf. It would be the kind of nurturing, soul-lifting holiday we all need every now and then. It’s the only kind of holiday you can have here, I think (unless you’re 21 and spend most of your time getting drunk).

I took this photo on my first day here. I know the quality isn’t great (it’s from my mobile phone) but i do think it looks like the image I posted the other day. Better shots to come when I get home.

I won’t say this has “cured” the darkness, but it’s certainly been what I needed to break the downward spiral and bring some light back into my life. I have spent my days relaxing on the beach, letting the waves lap at my feet or the surf crash into me. I’ve walked the beach and up to the lighthouse and back. I’ve lazed by the pool. I’ve slept like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve browsed the shops, had a massage… and mostly loved every second of it. I say mostly because there was the dreaded anxiety I always get about flying, and a panic attack when I went to the market in one of the nearby towns. Both unexplainable.

I fly home tomorrow, and am hoping to take some of the peace here with me.


6 thoughts on “Into the light

  1. I’m so glad your break away has had a healing effect. It sounds like a truly divine and magical place. I hope you carry some of it with you when you return.

  2. What a beautiful place – how lovely! I’m glad your soul has been soothed during this mini vacation. I would love to live in a place like that too, doing just what you described. So wonderful! And I can relate to the flying anxiety, I have it too.

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  4. how beautiful~ i’m so glad you have a place like this that brings you joy.

    and that you’re able to feel that joy and peace. i think that means a lot 🙂

    wishing you well today~~~

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