Update on blah

Hi everyone

Thanks so much for your messages of love and support in response to my last post. You really are too kind. It’s kind of amazing, really, to hear that my blog ramblings are useful to some of you, some of the time. Thank you. 🙂

I’m not sure whether I feel better, or not. I guess I do. I mean, I still feel that things are pointless, but I’m not as actively thrashing around at the bottom of the pit, so I guess that’s a good thing, right?

Yes, time with my FOO wasn’t very helpful, that’s true. But there’s a number of things contributing to this – not least of which is feeling like I can’t yet will never be able to do the things I want to do.

I’m not sure I can reply to each and every one of you – mainly because you’re all too nice. But I did want to throw a couple of shout outs:

@ Castorgirl – smarty pants! Luv it when your friends use your own words against you…. 😛

@ Life Multiplied – yea, there’s a few of us who have to keep going, so I’m here with you, too. 

@ Paul – I had forgotten all about my “10 Good Things” – bad, bad me. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

In other news I got a good reminder from the Wonder Therapist today. I’ve been doing a great job of flagellating myself for not being “cured” yet (influenced partly by my lovely mother who thinks we should all be able to “just get over it” – well, that “strong minded people just get over it”. Sigh.)

Anyway, the Wonder Therapist reminded me (again) that I may not be “cured”. Not yet. That IT TAKES AS LONG AS IT TAKES.

I gotta try hard(er) to remember this.

Take care out there, my friends.


6 thoughts on “Update on blah

  1. Me… rub salt in your gaping wounds?? Never… 🙂

    Wonder therapist says some pretty awesome things… try to remember that you are healing. It may not feel like it, but you are… the evidence is there if you look.

    Go gently on yourself… (((warm safe hugs)))
    Smarty Pants

  2. Yes, less thrashing at the bottom of the pit is a good thing! But a little thrashing is good too – it means you are fighting to get out.

  3. LOVE Wonder Therapist’s line, “It takes as long as it takes!” Will definitely be repeating that mantra, along with *my* wonder therapist’s advice to be gentle with myself. Don’t forget to be gentle with yourself, Kerro.

  4. @ Harriet – I agree, a little bit of thrashing is ok. Just not at the bottom of the pit.

    @ Life Multiplied – yea, the Wonder Therapist is pretty good. 🙂

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