Easter treats

Yea, so, umm, it’s Easter. A time to share with family and friends, right? A time to cherish with loved ones, right? Yea, right…

My father never ceases to amaze me. Actually, I stopped being amazed a while ago, but it still annoys me. I’ve been at my FOO’s since Wednesday afternoon and the entirety of our conversations comes to no more than three almost-sentences:

  1. “Hi Kerro”
  2. A world-first unsolicited “Good morning Kerro” and
  3. “You haven’t said anything nice to me today.”

Me (to myself): You haven’t said anything nice to me for decades. Sorry, I forgot, this is about YOU (as always) – I just don’t bother saying anything at all.

And sometimes my mother just does my head in. Especially when she’s tired and had a wine or two over dinner. That’s when her caustic tongue is really at its best. So far she’s annihilated my therapist and most of my friends. Sigh.

Yea, this level of dysfunction knows no bounds. Actually, in a funny way, it hasn’t been too bad. I’ve been able to exist here as if my father doesn’t, enjoyed some of the time with my mother, and managed some time to myself (almost unheard of).

Also in a funny way this is all a mark of progress. This time last year I would have been tipped into the abyss by all the family shenanigans. Now I just shake my head, know that I will go home tomorrow and hope that one day the father really will die.


3 thoughts on “Easter treats

  1. Sounds unpleasant, but as though you have come to terms with it and have found a way to deal with them so it’s not too bad. That really does seem like progress – I’m sure it took a lot of work.

  2. Hi Kerro,

    I’m sorry you are dealing with that. You deserve a wonderful family. There is a lot of progress there. Good and healing thoughts to you.


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