I almost can’t believe some of you don’t know what chooks are. Then again, I only learnt what a peanut butter cup was a few months ago. Here are some photos to help you:

You got it, a chook is just another name for a chicken – colour and breed not important, though for city chicks like me (no pun intended) it usually conjures up images of basic white ones. Baby chooks are usually called chicks here, too.

As for Easter, I’m not really in a position to give lessons but I think the Easter we celebrate is a cultural cocktail of the religious thing and an old pagan festival celebrating the coming of Spring – hence the chooks and bunnies, I think. Not that the Spring thing really makes sense here either, given we are heading into Autumn, but hey, we also still give Christmas cards with pictures of snow on them. Go figure.

More detailed information on Easter in Australia here.


7 thoughts on “Chooks

  1. I kinda suspected as much, from the pictures in your last post, but thanks for enlightening us. 😉

    … AND you have Easter Bilbies! Ahhh! How cute!

  2. LOL — I was just thinking, after reading your post, that I bet many readers aren’t familiar with the Australia/New Zealand term for a hen. 🙂 Being a Patrick White reader since my teenage years, I had that one in my vocabulary long ago, so … lucky me!

  3. So what do North Americans yell out to the chooks when they’re calling them in for feeding? I thought everyone yelled out “Here, chook chook chook…” but apparently not! Surely they don’t yell out “Here, chicken chicken chicken…” that just sounds clumsy.

    I hope your Easter is better than you fear it will be Kerro…

    Take care,

  4. We say, “Here chickie chickie chickie!” Thanks for the lesson re chicks/chooks/easter/spring etc.

    We eat hard boiled eggs at the passover seder, and I don’t think that is a religious custom either. Another spring icon I guess.

  5. That makes more sense… Thanks Harriet…

    It’s amazing how colloquialisms differ around the world. David mentioned in his blog awhile ago now, the term “fluffernutter”… I was sure it was something x-rated, instead it’s a marshmallow and peanut butter sandwich.

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