More for the Bliss List

I had to go to a special compounding chemist today for a special cream. After grumbling about having to drive a few suburbs away, and then having to wait half an hour while the pharmacist prepared the cream, I decided to stop grumbling and go for a walk.

I’m glad I did because I rediscovered my love of little fish … and another item for my Bliss List.

I love fish in aquariums (or is that aquaria?). They’re peaceful and calming… they’re pretty… they just swim up and down, and as long as you feed them occasionally, they’re happy. The filter bubbles away peacefully in the background. It’s glorious.

I had a tropical aquarium as a kid. It was fantastic! I got it for my 8th birthday. I got to invite 8 friends and my mother took us all to the fish shop and we each got to choose a tropical fish to add to the mix. It was magical.

Sadly we went on a family holiday a few years later and the filter broke while we were away and the neighbour who was pet-sitting didn’t realise and all the little fishies died of algal poisoning before we got home. It was never the same again.

Anyway, today the nice little man in the shop (I think he was Chinese) told me all about the different fish; how many you could have in a tank; and which ones would eat each other (though some of that I discovered through experience as a child!)

If I wasn’t flat broke I probably would’ve come home with a fish tank. I’m thinking of going back this weekend to find some play mates for my Kitty. 🙂

(Note that little fish are different to big fish, which are fishy and yucky.)


6 thoughts on “More for the Bliss List

  1. You’re cat is going to love you for buying her a new “cat television”…

    There’s something incredibly relaxing about fish… Have you seen the version of big fish that is good – Kuroshio Sea? It’s awesomely relaxing when you’re stressed at work… put it on full screen and sit back with the headphones on 🙂

    I also used to keep little fish all through University… was great to look away from the grind of assignments to see the fishies swimming around blissfully.

    I’m sorry about your early errant fish sitters… It sounds like some good memories were made prior to that oversight 🙂

    Take care,

  2. I love fish too. We used to have a painted turtle (taken from the wild and adopted later by us from the original owners) which we would feed feeder fish (tiny tiny goldfish). One of the fish never was caught by the turtle and after we released the turtle back to its natural habitat, we kept the now big goldfish. It has survived for YEARS! He is our little piece of calm in our computer room. He has survived so much and gets excited anytime you talk to him – so cute! Did you ever see the Extreme Make Over Home Edition episode where they put in a huge salt water tank into their home? It was AMAZING….all those coloured fish!

    Have you ever been snorkelling or scuba diving? The first time I spent most of the first hour screaming as I saw more fish. Sometimes there are big fish that freak me out as they don’t move but follow you with their eyes. I secretly wonder if they are planning an attack. I think I may post some pictures from my adventure.

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  4. I liked reading this, it is a ‘feel good’ read for me. I hope you get some nice fishes. At work, we have a few fish and I can’t help but name them! They dance and beg for food and other times they play with the bubbles. Their great.

  5. Hi Kerro,

    I love little fishies too. I find them so relaxing. And lovely to watch. They make me feel happy. I have a couple of cds with fish swimming, one is of a lot of small fish in the Caribbean. It is so great to watch.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


  6. Agreed! I recently set up a fish tank and it is so soothing. Better yet, there’s an aquarium store a few blocks away from my therapists office.

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