You were right

Listen up you lot. Yes, YOU. You readers out there. I have to tell you something.

You were right. My d!ckhead boss really was a sexually harassing asshat. I guess I knew this all along but this week really helped to cement it.

You see, this week, no one in my new work team told me how many **** they’d be able to get wearing their new suit. Or how many I’d get in my outfit.

No one in my new team told me that they were thinking of me while naked.

No one in my new team rang me to tell me they were taking their clothes off.

And no one in my new team rang me or texted me at all hours of the day and night while their wife was away.

But someone from my former workplace sent me a text message one morning to ask what I was wearing. Eww…. I immediately wanted to shower. It wasn’t until I got this that I realised what I’d been “missing” all week. Or not. And how inappropriate all that was. And how right you all were. Thank you.

This was a very positive moment for me in a week that was generally filled with Splat!


8 thoughts on “You were right

  1. It must be so nice to be in a more professional environment where people actually respect boundaries. All of that other stuff is so inappropriate and demeaning.

  2. Thanks everyone. Funny how when you’re in the middle of muck you can’t see it. Forest, trees, blah blah. Thanks for your support through this – I just have to get through my farewell function tomorrow and then can bid farewell to this situation forever, I hope.

  3. I’m also so glad for you that you are out of there! (And that you are able to see how it was, more clearly now. You’re right; that forest/trees thing can be pretty strong.) (((K)))

  4. Hello dear,

    So very happy for you. Oddly it makes me wonder what you were wearing, lol, but not in a creepy perv way. Lol. Good and healing thoughts to you.


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