Search terms

I rarely get anything remotely interesting from search terms, but a couple of good ones cropped up lately:

  • Psychiatrists are condescending – Yes, they are. Or were in my case, at least. Actually in my case he was a patronising sh1thead, but let’s not be negative.
  • Inappropriate behaviour married boss – If the people who searched for this are still reading – get the hell away from this person as fast as you can. Run. Run now. Don’t look back.
  • Plastic jogging suit – Why someone is searching for one of these is beyond me. Imagine yourself cloaked in stiff plastic, somewhat resembling an old tarp, but less comfortable. And running in it. Bleuch.
  • My fish is falling apart – Hmmm, you got me there.

5 thoughts on “Search terms

  1. Interesting… I just checked my Analytics Page… and mine are not as good as yours!

    Here are what I thought were the best 10.

    1. after years of therapy my therapist said
    2. alcohol and higher consciousness
    3. i think i’m dissociative
    4. i had lunch with a stuffed animal
    5. i cannot find the right word disorder
    6. how do i give myself hope
    7. how can i learn to do therapy
    8. how can i tell if i’m dissociated
    9. everything to know about therapy
    10. does dissociation make me a freak

  2. Hi Paul – don’t worry, most of mine are “boring” therapy related searches as well. I’m intrigued by lunch with the stuffed animal, though – ??

  3. @ Harriet – yea, don’t laugh, my mother gave me one when I was about 12 or 13 to help me lose weight. Doh! *shaking head*

    Grocery store cupcake? Did you figure out how this brought the person to your blog?

  4. I love this from Paul’s list — i cannot find the right word disorder

    … sounds like some vocabulary-related problem, now showing up as a clinical deficiency in the DSM-IV.

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