Note to self


This too shall pass.


10 thoughts on “Note to self

  1. From my side of cyberspace, it’s easy to agree. My T says that to me quite often. I truly wish peace and strength to you as the stress in your life “passes”. ((Kerro))

  2. It shall, and you shall learn from it… You will learn that you can do it one more time, even though it feels like you can’t… You will learn that people to care, even if they are across an ocean from you…

    One moment at a time…

    Take care my friend…

  3. Thanks Paul, that’s a great analogy. I really like the image of you as the rock with the water flowing past… so often I feel like I’m not the rock, but a person half drowning in the flow of the river. Much better to be the rock. 🙂

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