Conversation on the phone

Me: “Hi Mum, it’s me. The doctor’s office just rang. I’m having surgery on 22nd December.”

Mum: “Oh, well that stuffs Christmas right up, doesn’t it?”

Me: “Well, it’s not like we do anything anyway.”

Mum: “No but still. It’s too rushed. You won’t be able to drive down here.”

Me: “May be. I don’t know. May be you could pick me up?”

Mum: “Ugh. Well, I guess. But the traffic’s so bad at that time of year.”

Me: “Well, if it’s too much trouble. I’ll just stay here then and you can stay there.”

Mum: “There’s no need to be silly.”

Me: “I’m not Mum, but if it’s too much trouble…. I’ll talk to you later.”

Yet again there’s so much wrong with this conversation I just don’t know where to begin.

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