Who you are

My therapist told me about this client today. This woman who is about my age – just under 40. She’s worked hard, got several degrees and is successful in her chosen career. She’s smart and she’s good at what she does. She’s driven and focused and secured an executive position in her mid to late 30s.  She sounds amazing.

Like me, though, she’s feeling dissatisfied and not sure where she’s going or what she’s doing. My therapist said that, like me, she’s feeling stuck because she’s never really believed in herself.

But you know what’s really weird?

The person my therapist described IS me. Only it doesn’t feel like me. I don’t identify with ANY of those things.

I need some of what this girl’s got (minus the video clip which IMHO is a disaster).

7 thoughts on “Who you are

  1. What a very interesting technique from your therapist … especially given the fact that I think all clients wonder what their T *really* thinks of them. Were you able to believe that this is how your T sees you?

  2. That disconnect between how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us is often the hardest to overcome. You are that woman… you have those degrees, that life. The hard part is working your way to a point where you can accept and embrace that.

    Take care,

  3. I can understand this phenom totally. My T tells me stuff like that all the time and like you, I don’t see it, I don’t feel it. It is made even more complex by the fact that I can see things in others they cannot see, yet I can’t see the good stuff about me. Aaarrggg. It’s like a house of mirrors.

  4. @ David – No. I wasn’t able to believe my therapist. The rational reality is starting to filter in, but it’s as confusing as hell.

    @ Castorgirl – Thanks. You’re right, this is hard. I’m not even sure where to begin. While reality filters in, I fear acceptance is still a long way off.

    @ Ivory – Yep. Me too. A house of mirrors sounds like a total nightmare!

  5. I see. I believe. Sometimes all I had for a very long time was the belief of others who saw me with the eyes of love. Good and healing thoughts to you.


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