The stars

Perhaps the stars are making a special effort in my birthday month or something because my horrorscope was bang on the money again today:

Why pine for a past that had so little to offer you? All you are actually missing is a sense of frustration that you had allowed yourself to get used to. You really don’t want to go back or to feel stuck again. You definitely do want the wonderful new chance that life is placing before you. Stop doubting yourself and seize it, as gratefully and enthusiastically as you can.


On another matter… is it just me or would you think boundaries had been crossed if someone at work said this to you: “Would it be inappropriate if I said I wanted to come into your office and kiss you on the mouth for sorting that?”

Creepy, huh? And not just me, is it? No prizes for guessing who said this.


8 thoughts on “The stars

  1. Hmmm… liking your horoscopes more and more.

    Boundaries are just lines in the sand according to this man… He didn’t even see them as he trampled over them. Definitely creepy.

    Take care,

  2. Hi Kerro,

    Good scope to keep in mind. Happy birthday month.

    This guy is totally creepy, as all people without proper boundaries are. Suppose he thought you were liking what he was suggesting, shudder, mr. ick.

    Good and healing thoughts to you. And good boundaries by bosses, as well.


  3. David, I couldn’t have put it better myself!

    Kerro, this guy is so toxic – please watch out for yourself.

    I hate people who play with other people’s feelings and emotions – it’s such a despicable thing to do!

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