Coming out of my paper bag

So sorry I haven’t blogged for a while. I guess my last therapy session was a lil triggering or something, coz I’ve been pretty much spinning since then. A friend described it as suddenly having the paper bag close around you. Yes, that’s exactly what the last week has been like.

Talking about my teenage years brought back all these feelings of being 15 again and sent my inner critic into over drive.

Thankfully the paper bag has opened again and I’ve been able to stuff all that nastiness back in and stomp on it good and proper. For now, at least. I have therapy again tomorrow so I’m sure my therapist will do her best to open up those old wounds again.



4 thoughts on “Coming out of my paper bag

  1. (((Kerro))) I hope therapy goes well… It sometimes feels like a tug of war – the therapist guiding us to looking at things and the client trying to avoid them. But they’re asking us to look because we need to, we need to look at the muck sometimes, even though it feels impossible and yucky.

    I know you’ll be doing your best, that’s all anyone can ask or expect…

    Take care,

  2. You hang in there K. Its not easy, but just knowing the intensity passes somehow makes it a little easier to swallow. ((K))

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