The universe is fickle

I’m diverting today because part of me is pretending I didn’t post my last post and you didn’t write all the helpful things you wrote.

My stars for this week said:

“Attend to any nagging health problems because this is a week for taking care of you – as in auto-spoiling, self-pampering, being very sweet to numero uno.”

This is something I’ve posted on before – a few times – but this week I think the universe is just being fickle.

Couldn’t the stars have warned me LAST week to look after myself, BEFORE I got struck down by this hideous cold? I have been in bed for a couple of days with a fever, feeling germ laden and really pretty awful.

Surely half the point of self-care is to prevent such things from happening?



3 thoughts on “The universe is fickle

  1. Big revelations can often make you vulnerable to catching a virus, I have found. Or even beforeheand because it is on its way to being revealed and your body is feeling the stress of it already.

    Sorry you didn’t get any advance notice. Good and healing thoughts to you.


  2. I was about to say exactly the same thing Kate just said. I remember last year, the week after I finally told my therapist I was suicidal, I came down with one of the worst colds I’ve ever had in my life, which coincidentally rendered me literally unable to speak for two weeks. Whether this was some conspiracy to keep me out of therapy for a while, I’ll never know, but man, it was a pain in the ass.

  3. Kate, David – thanks for your comments. I know you’re right about the emotional vulnerability making you also vulnerable physically. David, I can’t believe you were without voice for 2 weeks. I would have gone stir crazy! Fingers crossed that dealing with some of our emotional baggage will help us becoming physically stronger as well.

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