It’s time…

Let me just say that it’s time my mother went home. Don’t get me wrong – it’s been good to have her here, even with her acid-tongue; it’s just time she went home now… and took her tongue, and her controlling nature, with her.

There’s all this stuff bubbling about inside me and I feel I can’t deal with any of it and can’t do anything with it while she’s here. I have to play the “normal” game. I have to pretend that everything is fine and just get on with the “work” – because there’s only work and rest in her world, virtually no play at all. Don’t get me wrong here either – I am never one to shy away from hard work. I just need some down time. Some time to think about the stuff that’s whirling about in my head. Not to mention time to sort my things the way I want them, and time to catch up on other people’s blogs. Time to write something decent for my own blog. Time, even, just to chill out for a while. This has been a week “off” for me, after all, though you’d never know it. I feel like a need a holiday to recover.

I think about returning to work next week and I want to vomit. Blah. That’s not my mother’s fault, of course, but it’s still time she went home.


2 thoughts on “It’s time…

  1. Kerro,
    It’s good to have your own space, the way you want things. I think it’s normal to want people to leave at some point. No matter who it is.

    Hang in there. I don’t think anyone is really ever excited to go back to work.


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