My anxiety about moving house tomorrow is reaching fever pitch and I can’t work out why. I’ve been trying to rationalise (disputing my negative thoughts, problem solving, even some Socratic questioning I found in a book), but it’s not working. I know this move is the right thing for me, I love the house, I know it will be ok (even if the dishwasher doesn’t work – I’ll get it fixed), I even know that the removalists aren’t going to attack me … I can’t find any rational reason for the panic.

Is it something else? Is it that the two times I moved house with my father were a disaster, and moving day always ended in hell? Is it that I know my mother will be stressed and she always takes that out on me through her caustic remarks? Or am I just looking for excuses?

3 thoughts on “Panicking

  1. Warm, safe hugs (((Kerro))) I don’t think you’re looking for an excuse. Moving is a big deal for anyone, let alone someone who has had negative experiences with moving in the past.

    Just remember to breathe… I hate being given that advice, but it’s usually the first thing that I forget to do when anxious 🙂 Also, have you tried petting your cat? Sometimes that tactile soothing experience can help slow the brain down.

    Take care and I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow

  2. Hi Kerro,

    I think normal moving emotions are enough to bring up this much upset. I read one book about feng shui where the author said that before moving we tend to take our protective selves off of where we are living and it is not as safe of a place in general. That this is an unconscious thing that everyone does. She said that we have not attached yet to our new place because we are not there yet. To me that sounds like a good enough reason for the upset, it would be for me. Sorry it is so stressful. Good luck with your move.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


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