I feel…

I know we are all going through this odd thing of trying to feel… or not feel… or feel in a “normal” way. For me this comes after 38 years of squashing down anything that might be described as a “feeling” and drifting through life with an outer shell of anaesthesia, while underneath I was a stormy mess of “stuff” I didn’t have names for.

Yesterday I was fiddling with the Punkymoods widget thingamy and realised that still sometimes I can’t put a name to what I’m feeling. Going through the options at Punkymoods, it’s all just a blur, until I come across the one that truly resonates. That’s how I got to worried yesterday.

I think I know the name of this emotion I’m feeling today. I think it’s called… h a p p i n e s s.

It’s a very odd feeling. I haven’t had this for… I don’t know how long. I’m not sure what to do with it.

I’m not arguing, but I will try to enjoy it and hope that it’s still there tomorrow. 😀


3 thoughts on “I feel…

  1. Sitting here smiling with, and for you 🙂 I hope the feeling is still there tomorrow. If it isn’t, you now know that it’s possible 🙂

    I have a similar problem naming and identifying emotions – a friend and I tried looking at random pictures of people to see if we could name the emotions they were probably experiencing. It was a really interesting exercise, but also quite exhausting. It’s even harder to identify what I’m feeling at any one time.

    Take care,

    PS. loved the YouTube clips you posted.

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