She’s smart this one

Sometimes in therapy things go just as you need them to. You get just the right support, in the right dose, to tip you back into balance, to come away feeling stronger and more secure. Sure, other times therapy is just one giant mindf*ck, but it’s nice to have the re-balancing as well.

Tonight was one of the re-balancing times. Among other things we talked about the work issues this week. My therapist said it sounds like my boss is managing a number of situations badly, projecting it all onto me and I am carrying his stress. Possibly. She also told me to stop being so hard on myself, though I’ve no idea where she gets that from?!?!? 😉

We also talked about my progress and how great it felt to finally see that, to recognise it and even to celebrate it. She was so pleased I could see the growth.

She asked if I remembered my early days of therapy – my wrestling, my sobbing, blah blah blah. I do remember those days.

She said she remembers my very first session. To which I cringed and said, “Oh God. What did you think?”

She said, “I thought you needed another session. I knew there was something you’d been carrying around for a long time; something you’d not disclosed.”

She was right there. She knew! Even in the very beginning. Even from the moment I started therapy. She’s smart this one! Funny how they know what they’re doing sometimes. 🙂


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