Happy Blogiversary to me

Today I reached the 5,000 views mark on my blog. That’s 5,000 views in just over five months. Happy Blogiversary to me!

To be honest, I’m blown away. I started this blog because I didn’t want to monopolise the discussions in a forum that I’m part of. I didn’t think I’d really have anything to say. I certainly didn’t think I’d have anything to say that would actually be worth reading. And I didn’t think anyone would read, let alone comment.

But you have. Thank you.

Everyone who reads, and especially those of you who comment or have your own blogs, have become so special to me. You’re my little community, my “family” even. You see me as I am, with all my toxic waste and all my craziness, yet still you seem to like me, still you seem to care. You share your own hurts and struggles and, through that, you give me love; you give me strength; you give me courage.

How could I possibly thank you for that? 😉


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