Bad mother

No, not my mother. Me. I am the bad mother.

I’ve had my kitty for about six weeks now. She’s settled in nicely. She likes to snuggle up in bed with me which isn’t my preferred sleeping arrangement, particularly as I’m quite sure my new sneezing and wheezing is sign I’m allergic to her. She also likes to snuggle up on the desk with me as I blog… her bum on one arm, and her head nestled in the crook of my other arm. She loves snuggling by the heater with me.

So, in all this time I thought she was just snuggling, but you know what? I actually think she’s cold. Poor baby. What sort of terrible mother am I that I didn’t realise? All this time she’s been freezing her lil paws off. I feel dreadful. 

So tomorrow I’m off to the pet shop to pick up her new bed (a “cat cave”) and probably to splash out on a heat pad for her as well. Poor lil munchkin. And very bad Mummy.

What has this got to do with the NaBloPoMo Theme of “Tomorrow”? Not much. In fact nothing at all, except that I’ve used the word …

Catching a few rays


6 thoughts on “Bad mother

  1. Thanks for adding my blog to your list! Wishing you all the care I can for your food struggles; I struggle with them too. Your writing is really well done and I love your honesty about expressing your struggles! Thanks 🙂 — Laura

  2. You are most definitely NOT a bad Mummy. She may be chilly, but she wouldn’t snuggle with you if she didn’t want to. Plus, you know, she’s wearing a coat. 🙂 I am sure she will love her cat cave, though. What cat can resist something like that?

  3. Zyrtec or Claritin should take care of the sniffles and plenty of cuddling should keep
    out the chill 🙂

  4. Hi Kerro,

    I’m sure you are not being a bad mother. Cats are probably more comfortable than humans in a cool room. That doesn’t mean that they don’t love to be warm and sleeping and snuggly. That is just a cat thing.


  5. Thanks everyone. Truth be told I don’t believe a word of it. I’m convinced I’ve been torturing her with hypothermia. Poor little thing. She does seem happier when warm and snuggly – and asleep.

    @ David – she does love the heat pad. I think Daria needs one! 😉

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