I’m finding all this talk about the Food Thing really difficult – both here and in therapy – even with all your support. I think the clincher was when my therapist said, “This isn’t about food; it’s about the trauma.” That statement has been boring a hole in my head since therapy yesterday, along with the trauma processing she dragged me through (why does that leave me so completely and utterly wrecked, emotionally and physically?)

Anyway, I thought I’d follow the advice of my therapists to learn some self-soothing. Taking a leaf out of Kate’s blog, and Tampalama’s, I’m creating my own Bliss List – things that make me feel good and bring me peace or at least comfort, particularly when I’m feeling “funky”.

So, in no particular order…

1. Music

I am particularly fond of choral music, including this wonderful piece that David also introduced me to. I also like chants (Hildegard is high on my list) and some new age material like Sacred Earth and restive piano pieces. My therapist says my love of choral music and chants obviously feeds the spiritual side of me, even if I’m not religious.

2. Books and reading

Especially a visit to my favourite bookshop, where I can spend hours totally absorbed in what’s new on the shelves and completely forget about everything in the world, and in my head. (Shame it’s not open at 3 in the morning when I can’t sleep!)

3. My kitty

Patting her: she’s so soft and silky and smoochey.

Millie sleeping

4. Lying in front of the heater

Add patting my kitty while lying in front of the heater and you have true Bliss!

5. Fresh, crisp, white cotton sheets

The higher the thread count the better. Hotel quality is best.


6. The beach

The roar of the ocean; sitting on the sand watching the waves; letting the waves lap at your feet. Mesmerising.


7. Photography

Especially black and white, but anything beautiful will do. I’ve always wanted to get more into the “doing” part of it, but at the moment I’m still too scared.

8. Doing things with my hands

An iridologist once told me I have a very active mind (no sh*t!) and need to do things with my hands to completely turn off. I’m not really sure what these things are, but have noticed my brain does turn off when I cook, even when I just chop vegetables for soup, and when I do jigsaw puzzles.

9. Spiritual places

These definitely bring me peace, in mind, body and spirit, though most of the ones I’m thinking of are in other countries. Places like Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Saint-Chappelle in Paris, Cologne Cathedral and the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xian, China. I particularly remember Angkor Wat – the most amazing place I’ve ever been – and the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in China, which was such a delightful and peaceful respite from the craziness of the cities. I felt calm and peaceful in both places. I also hold a deep fascination for the Antarctic and Mount Everest, I’m not sure why, but images and videos of these places just mesmerise me.

Holy places

12 thoughts on “Bliss

  1. Hi Kerro,

    Sounds like a great list. It gives me a lot to think about. I have to find some more stuff to add to my list.

    If Ye Love Me is the first item I added to my Bliss List. I loved choral music, but didn’t really pay attention to that until I heard this song. That got me exploring. I love chants too. This is one of my new favorites:

    I also love photography, but haven’t done it in a long time. I have thought that a good way to get around my perfectionistic judgments is to purposely take bad pictures, kind of on the level that Lilo did in the movie Lilo and Stitch. If I’m only expecting childish and bad pics that might help me overcome my fear of being awful. I’m going to try that as I have a digital camera and never use it.

    Books and reading are also something I have been considering adding to my life. I am going to try to pick out a few specific ones to add to the list as well. I love bookstores too!

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


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  3. Nice list – many shared by me including reading, music, ocean, cooking, jigsaw puzzles. I would add needlepoint, knitting and gardening. Oh and crisp clean sheets – I agree!

    Take care of yourself during this tough time.

  4. @ Kate – wow, what a beautiful piece, thank you. I think you hit the nail on the head with photography – if I can’t be perfect, why do it at all? May be that’s been my blocker afterall?

    @ One Long Journey – thank you. Let me just be clear – I wouldn’t say cooking is something I actually “enjoy”, although when I have time to do it, I quite like it. More that I have noticed how much my brain stops its endless whirring when I’m doing something with my hands. I envy you your gardening as I know this brings so many people pleasure. Trouble is, I hate dirt. LOL

    @ Paul – Thanks! Definitely thanks and all credit to Kate. 🙂

  5. I have always shot with Nikon DSLR’s, currently shoot with D300 and D700. I love both. Interesting thing is, I had occasion to use a Canon 40D and there were so many things about it I didn’t like. Probably a lot is that I’m used to the way Nikon does things, but I think it was more than that. Paul.

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  7. Kerro, how fortunate I am to have discovered your blog, and how courageous YOU are for sharing these parts of yourself. I began my own blog a couple of months ago as a healing response to surgery, and a journey of my own, so I can completely appreciate the magnitude of what you’re experiencing. I’m finding it a powerful process — frightening, revealing and awesome, all at the same time!

    I’m happy to have found you here, and thank you for offering so many of us the chance to connect with you, and to parts of ourselves that need so much self-loving. And if I can share some comfort with you through my blog, “Bliss”, then that also puts a smile on my face!


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