My new playmate

As some of you know, I got a new playmate last week. She’s a 3½ year old chocolate Burmese, and she is just beautiful, as you can see.


She’s taking a while to settle in – she spent the first few days hiding out in the bed under the quilt – but I think we’re getting there now. She’s even starting to do a couple of really cute things.

At night she likes to come into bed with me. The last few nights she’s waited until I’m in bed, then come galloping in. Unfortunately my bed has a foot, so there’s been a couple of tripping accidents and falling on faces, but she’s learning. She likes to snuggle up under the quilt with me – not my preferred sleeping arrangement, but who am I to deny her this safe space? 😉

In the mornings, she waits for me in the hallway outside my bedroom door. When I stagger out, she rolls around and flashes her tummy at me as if to say “Look at me. Aren’t I gorgeous? Feed me now please.” LOL

My therapist said some therapists recommend cats for their clients and asked if the cat has a calming influence on me – she sure does. I’m besotted with her. It’s lovely. I had forgotten how nice it is to have a cat around.


10 thoughts on “My new playmate

  1. Thanks everyone. Ain’t she just divine? Her face is exquisite, and I love her soft, pale tummy as well. And, of course, her tiny little fingers and toes too, all perfectly formed, are just beautiful.

    @ David, you made me LOL. Thank you! 🙂

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