My it’s cold…

I woke around 3am this morning with nasty tummy pain. Nothing sinister – just my endometriosis reminding me of its existence. I managed to get back to sleep, only to be woken shortly after 5am by a hailstorm. Here’s the view I woke to this morning across the front yard. It doesn’t snow here – that’s hail, still frozen nearly four hours after the initial storm. It’s currently 6C here (I think that’s about 42F), and we’re aiming for a forecast top of 10C (50F). I know that’s not terribly cold compared to where most of you live, but it’s a little chilly for us.




5 thoughts on “My it’s cold…

  1. Hi, Kerro –

    Hmmmm . . . looks like our yard, LOL! We are having our usual spring/early summer weather . . . hail, tornados, the works . . . I think we have had about 3-4 tornados touch down within 50 miles of our house this week . . . maybe 10-15 more that didn’t touch down . . . a mall in south Denver got it pretty good, but other than that the damage has been minimal . . just the norm . . . LOL

    – Marie (Coming Out of the Trees)

  2. We haven’t had snow here in New England since March. I know you said this is not snow, rather hail. But precipitation that looks white on the ground is, for me, in that class. We’ve had a dry Spring and everyone is outside, but I’m not motivated to be outside. The past few days have been rainy, which has given me the excuse to be inside.

  3. Hi Kerro,

    It has been unseasonably colder the last rhree days here. So I understand about cold being relative. Thinking of you.

    Good and healing thoughts for your tummy.


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