Swollen ankles and evil pills

I’ve been taking anti-depressants for a few months. Or meant to be taking them. I hate them, so I’m not very good at taking them regularly. When I do take them, I choke them down.

My back up therapist had a really nice analogy for the importance of taking anti-depressants.

She said it’s like having a sprained ankle. You go to the physiotherapist to fix the ankle, but the physio can’t actually do anything while the ankle is all swollen and bruised. You have to wait for the swelling to go down before the physio can treat it properly. If you continue to ski on the ankle, you just end up doing yourself more damage, making it harder for the physio to treat you … and potentially ending up in hospital needing a reconstruction or something.

Ok, the analogy might not be perfect, but it made sense to me. I’ve religiously taken the evil anti-depressants every day since. I guess from her perspective, whatever helps achieve this end is worth it.


6 thoughts on “Swollen ankles and evil pills

  1. I like that analogy – it makes a lot of sense. Glad that it is helping you to take the pills even if they are evil!

  2. Interesting that she is getting to you in ways regular T didn’t. Different approaches do yield different results sometimes, I guess. Just curious, did the analogy really strike you, or are you doing it because you want to please T? Just thinking maybe a bit of transference lurking perhaps…based off of your forum post and this? Ahh just food for thought….

    Hopefully the side effects will simmer down in the next week. My hub had issues which went away in a few weeks…((Kerro))

  3. @ Rachel – me too. 🙂

    @ One Long Journey – Absolutely. 🙂

    @ Strangename – the analogy really struck me. Back up T has a few different ways of saying things or describing things that really speak to me. Even considering the forum post, I think it’s too early with back up T for any real transference, if that makes sense.

  4. Hi Kerro,

    Glad that it works for you. I think use whatever works to get you to do helpful and healing things.

    I know I have a long history of hating meds too. I hate swallowing them and they get stuck and it is all very triggery. I get weight gain as a side effect with every med, for health and mental health issues. But at times I took them and I was proud of doing so. You deserve to be proud as well.

    Good for you.


  5. I like this analogy … better than the “if you were diabetic (which I am) you would take insulin (which I don’t)…etc…

    I took antidepressants for about 15 years. Been off of them for a year now … I do believe that they did help me get through some difficult times in such a way that today I know I am n a better place than if I had not taken them while dealing with more trauma …

    But, like you, I hate taking meds ….

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