Phone calls

Sunday. 5pm. The second of my set-your-watch-by-the-twice-weekly phone calls with my mother.

Mum: “How are you?”

Me: “Actually I’m sick. The doctor says I have a nasty infection in my ears, my throat, and my sinuses. I had a fever when I saw her this morning.”

Mum: “Oh. Are you going to work tomorrow?”

Me: “Probably not. The doctor said my body is obviously struggling with post-op recovery then tonsillitis, etc. She wants me to rest for the week.”

Mum: “Oh. Well, you’ve just had time off. You don’t want to risk your job.”

Me (in my head): Way to be supportive, Mum.

Me (to Mum): “I’m not. I’ll take a couple of days and see how I feel.”

Mum: “Ok, whatever. We’re watching the footy.”

Me (in my head): ‘Whatever’ to you too.


It’s no wonder I grew into an overachieving workaholic who doesn’t have the first clue how to communicate or look after herself.

*sigh again*


4 thoughts on “Phone calls

  1. For heaven sake, I think your LIFE and HEALTH might be more important than a job. I think when it’s a matter of a sick body trying to get well, I think then YES RISK THE JOB RATHER THAN RISK THE LIFE, you know?? If the doctor says don’t go to work, I think perhaps the doctor knows better than say, your employer!!?! (shaking my head at your mother)

  2. She does seem to keep confirming what you already know…that she is not capable of holding you emotionally! I’m sorry Kerro!

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