Non-interventional surgery ?


So, I guess you’re wondering what “non-interventional surgery” is, right? Given that most people consider surgery pretty “interventional”, I found this description interesting.

I think it basically means they don’t cut you open. Instead, they take you to the cath lab, fill you with magic drugs, stick a catheter in the artery in your groin, poke it around inside you to find the broken bits or the bits that shouldn’t be there, then inject tiny little plastic beads into you to kill off those bits that shouldn’t be there.

Then they tell you to rest because you’re going to be in pain (yes), nauseous (yes) and will get a fever because the bits that shouldn’t be there flip out and leach toxic sh1t into your system (still waiting for the fever).

It may seem like I’m talking in riddles, but that’s what happened to me this week. As far as surgery goes, it was ok – the magic drugs were, well, magical! As far as I can remember (and my memory is limited) they gave me antibiotics, anti-emetics, anti-inflammatories, hypnotics (hence the memory lapses), and lots and lots and lots of pain killers (oral digesic, morphine and paracetamol plus fentanyl, valium and possibly some more morphine in my IV). Boy, was I a space cadet!! 😉

I’m now at home recovering. Doing ok – a bit weary, nauseous, tiring quickly, and have pain. Still no fever, but will check that with the doctor again tomorrow. Importantly, I still have magic drugs to keep me company – and my mother has now gone home. 🙂

Miraculously I seem to be doing ok at looking after myself and not pushing things too much. It’s a new experience for me, and I’m not really sure what to do with myself, but I’m trying to just do whatever the body wants me to do. Weird. Very weird.

Oh, and yes, that really is a picture of my insides. They gave me a CD of the procedure to take home as a souvenir. Lucky me!


4 thoughts on “Non-interventional surgery ?

  1. Hey Kerro,
    Glad your home and all is well. Take care of yourself and get lot of rest. The stress of procedures can send some of us on a tailspin. I’m glad you are getting along and are keeping us posted. Feel better!

  2. Ouch Cous, that sound horrible. Narcotics are the only nice bit about having surgery, I think.
    I hope you soon feel better xxx

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