Another can of worms?

Things with my mother appear to be heading south.

We’ve had heavy, heavy rain here lately. Not that the drought is breaking or anything, but it was absolutely bucketing cats, dogs, sheep, cows and even elephants over the weekend.

She rang me Saturday night. I was out. She was apparently worried because she could see black clouds over the city from her place and it looked like it was raining (?!?!). So she rang a few more times. I still didn’t answer (yes, because I was OUT!)

After numerous failed attempts at home, she sent messages to my mobile, which I didn’t hear either. So she leaves me this:

“Why are you punishing me?” and “At least let me know you’re ok.”

Is she kidding me?

Then today she laughed at me and said “haven’t you got over this yet?”

She’s not kidding me.

I don’t need this. I really don’t. I’m having a hard enough time holding it together when there is some momentary flash of normalcy and even compassion in her, let alone when she feeds me this garbage.

God, what have I done? What hideous can of worms have I opened this time?


5 thoughts on “Another can of worms?

  1. Rain and worms, all you need is a fishing rod?

    What I have found useful in communication with my family/mother is to have established the expectation/fact that I do normally not have my mobile phone turned on, with me, on the network etc. Basically not reachable.
    (Basically to establish non-communication/interference)

    If anything is urgent they can mail me, I always read my mail. Or they can try their luck with phoning, but mostly they dont get through.

  2. Kerro,
    Sounds to me that your mom is clueless. She must think therapy is like etch-a-sketch…shake your head and your past is erased. I would be sending her downloads on Empathic Skill! Hang in there…(((Kerro)))

  3. @ Strangename, I love the etch-a-sketch analogy. Brilliant. Yes, potentially she is completely clueless. Although i thought she showed potential last week.

    @ Everyone – Thanks for your support!

  4. Although realization of the truth tends to be a two-steps-forward-one-step-back process, I think your mom went a bit further backward than she should have. Geez. It’s probably an indication of her own discomfort, but it’s awful that you have to deal with it.

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